Our COVID-19 Response

Waterfront Embroidery StaffWaterfront Embroidery deeply cares about our customers, our employees, and our community. We remain open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will continue to take new orders and serve our customers. However, we are adopting immediate steps to follow the latest CDC guidance to help minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Some of these initiatives include:

We have multiple ways to place new orders, all designed to ensure our customers feel comfortable and safe. All new orders will be taken by phone, email, online, or in-person with social distancing, masking, and other standard COVID-19 precautions.

Order Pickup
We have multiple ways to drop off and pick-up orders. In-person pickup is permitted (with social distancing, masking, and other standard COVID-19 precautions). We also offer “no contact” drop-off and pickup at our business location (after first completing payment), or by accessing our convenient on-site pickup box.

Lola our Waterfront Embroidery Shop DogAdditional Shop Initiatives

  • Locking doors during business hours to limit access to our shop. Ring doorbell for access.
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning high-traffic areas and surfaces within our shop.
  • Mandating precautionary health measures for employees, including practicing social distancing while at work, masking, frequent handwashing, demonstrating caution at the first sign of illness, and self-reporting.

Our customers and employees are the most important part of Waterfront Embroidery. We are committed to their safety and the health of the community at large. Our commitment to serving our customers with unbridled excellence remains, but these are challenging times. The entire Pittsburgh community needs to cooperate and act in concert to contain and, in time, end this sobering situation. We look forward to doing our part. We will continue to monitor this fluid situation and adjust our protocols, as necessary. Please take care of yourselves and each other.